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1 On 1 Coaching

Take advantage of a lifetime opportunity to be personally coached and guided by a Veteran NLP Master, Success Leadership Coach and Wellness Facilitator cum Coach, Behavioural Specialist, Management Consultant, and Keynote Speaker & Author.

Coaching spots are limited to only 5 individuals for a yearlong life coaching contract with Asit Ghosh.

Benefits of

Asit’s Coaching Program

Clear Goals

Develop crystal clear goals, design effective action plans and monitor regular achievements

Focused & Motivated

Stay consistently focused and motivated with powerful success habits

Program Your Mind

Program your mind for outstanding performances in tests, exams, and meetings

Deliberate Improvement

Develop the knack for constant deliberate improvement


Remove Internal Blocks

Remove internal blocks by creating strategies and mobilizing resources


Rise Above Doubts

Rise above doubts, hesitations and negativities

Transform Your Life Values

Transform your life values to live a more meaningful and purposeful life

Become A Transformed Leader And Achiever

5 Step Process

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    Coachability Test

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

    Contractual Agreement

  • Step 5

    Begin Coaching Sessions

Coaching Program

Features Include

Weekly 60- 75 Minute Phone Sessions

52 Sessions Per Year

Periodical Assessments After Every 12 Sessions

English & Hindi

Language in either English & Hindi


Can be done anywhere in the world (over the phone)

This Program Is

Perfect For You If

You are an open-minded, forward-looking individual with a positive attitude
You have determination to break mediocrity and live by excellence
You have an extraordinary desire to grow and achieve
No formal qualifications required

Asit Ghosh

An alumnus of the elite Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University and Mcgrath Institute of Leadership Training, Asit Ghosh is an acclaimed Motivational Trainer, Behavioural Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, NLP Super-master, Success Leadership Coach, Management Consultant and Author. With three decades and counting, of hands-on experience in people development, Asit has received his advanced training and certifications under a galaxy of world-renowned trainers, spiritual masters, and gurus.

He has lead over 1500 national and international seminars and workshops for individuals, institutions, and business organizations. He has inimitable style and command, peppered with his extensive and constantly updated knowledge on Indian Spiritualism and Western Behavioural Science. He owns the rights of over 20 branded standard program modules, concepts, methods, gadgets, books and publications, life-changing thoughts, articles, audio-visual aids, etc.

Asit has a rich work past, having worked initially as a Trade and Investment Advisor under Her Majesty’s Government and later in many senior positions at The UB Group and NDDB before he finally found his calling in the training world. He is the fellow of All India Management Association and a former faculty of TMI (Denmark) and AMITY. Asit has addressed the World Congress of the NGO`s as the only speaker from India.

Asit’s Individual Coaching

Clients Includes

Top Executives



High-Achieving Sales People


Interested? Have Questions? Get In Touch

Mistakes? They are not meant to cause us death but to let us live with greater energy. Therefore, realize, apologize and equalize them and then go forward with your head held higher.

– Asit Ghosh

Disclaimer: Unlike training, coaching is a personalized contract and therefore calls for a yearly agreement and investment. This program is limited to 5 new clients per year. Investment amount will be given to genuinely interested persons only.

Investment In Coaching

Why Invest In Coaching?

The most successful & richest people in the world including top executives, high earning sales professionals, most sought after speakers and renowned celebrities are assisted by Personal Coaches.

Whether executive, manager, or entrepreneur, an increasing number of individuals are turning to personal coaching. Personal Coaching is a partnership defined through a relationship agreement between a coach and an individual or workplace team.

The partnership is built by first understanding an individual, establishing goals and objectives that focus on creating balance between life and business, and then providing the tools required to achieve them. A Personal Coach may use active listening, skillful questioning, paraphrasing, summarizing, discussion, and at times even confrontation to help clients move forward with their lives.

Why Coaching Has Caught Up Fast:


It is a direct and results-based tool


It is specific, exclusive and personalized for the client


It helps to identify road blocks and innovate strategies to remove them


It helps to monitor progress, stay on track and bring new solutions


It is a long-term partnership with the client

A Personal Coach provides a safe and confidential place for clients to be held accountable to themselves by monitoring client progress. A Personal Coach acts as a human mirror for clients by sharing an outside and unbiased perspective.

While clients are responsible for their own achievements and success, the Personal Coach is there to support along the way. While Personal Coaching is not counselling, therapy or consulting, it can be provided in conjunction with these professions.

Coaching Testimonials

Asit is a master of human communication. Asit’s easy going self-discovery style is complimented by his proven technique and knowledge base & helps one to see things in the perspective it deserves.

He has helped me unmask and develop my weaknesses into strengths that will certainly help me in my role.

Anjan Putatunda

General Manager - India

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Asit Ghosh Institue of Leadership and Excellence
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